Monday, November 23, 2009

JAVILAND Episode 28: What need does your Art fulfill in readers?

Based on a topic brought up by another artist (Luis Escobar, a storyboard artist and newest member of the Cartoonistas), this episode gave us a lot of interesting things to reflect upon regarding how we promote our work to readers. And also it let us explore what we put into our stories.

The original questions posed by Luis was "What promise is your art making to readers, and what need do they want fulfilled by your art". From there we went off in several discussions regarding our commercial approaches and what's important to us in our storytelling.

Joining me on the Call were : Ted Seko, Jim Lujan, Luis Escobar and Gregory Giordano. In the chatroom we had: MarkCalifornia and Dungeon Warden

A nice bonus to this episode was that Greg Giordano drew this nice piece of art while on the call. It's a roundtable of characters created by everyone who participated on this episode! Check out his site for the full image!

Listen to the episode with the TalkShoe Player on the right, or go to our TalkShoe page and listen there. While you're over there, add Javiland to your iTunes feed and get every episode delivered automatically as they're posted! Thanks for participating, reading, and listening!

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FLAMEAPE said...

Thanks for the mention,Javi and for having me on the show!