Sunday, September 14, 2008

JAVILAND Episode 2: Creating Comic Book Characters

Just finished podcasting the new episode, and now it's up for your listening pleasure HERE.

The topic was 'Creating Comic Book Characters' and the question I posed was "Which comes first, creating the character or creating the story?". Joining me on the call were some familiar voices:

Jim Lujan, animator and my fellow Co-founder of the Cartoonistas,
Ted Seko, cartoonist and my fellow Co-publisher of our upcoming XOMIX COMIX imprint,
and Kevin Cross, cartoonist, podcaster and founder of the Mini Comics Dumptruck (which I'll be contributing a mini comic to).

All the artists had interesting approaches in creating characters and story. Also, I asked each caller what character really made an impression on them as kids, in terms of influencing them as artists. The answers were really revealing, so listen for that.

We were joined in the chatroom by The Real Juny, a long-time fan of my work. He had problems with the audio, but I want to thank him for logging in. Juny: The episode is now available!

I've enjoyed doing these two episodes, particularly for the round table discussion of key artistic choices we make as creators. Hopefully listeners of the podcast, especially people wanting to create their own comics, get something out of the episodes.