Sunday, December 21, 2008

JAVILAND Episode 8: 2008 Comic Book Christmas Show

The 2008 JAVILAND Christmas podcast was a mix of creator roundtable discussion and geeky talk about toys! In other words, a perfect podcast! Listen to the episode with the player on the right, or access the JAVILAND page at TALKSHOW.COM.

The roundtable consisted of Mark Rudolph of CV Comics, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies, Kevin Cross of Mini Comics Dumptruck, and regular caller Ted Seko of Xomix Comix! Joining us in the chatroom were markCalifornia, DungeonWarden and Kaiki. Thanks to the chatters!

We talked about our approaches to our art in the past year, and what we plan to do for 2009. Some of the discussion touched base on not being carried by Diamond Comics Distribution (and not letting that be an issue), remaining indestructible as an indie creator, and how we manage our time between creating our comics, podcasting and maintaining a web presence.

The show ended with a talk about our favorite Christmastime comics and toy memories! Lots of talk about The Six Million Dollar Man, Mego action figures, and how storytelling with action figures turned us all into comic creators!

This show wraps up JAVILAND for the year. But I'll be back on Sunday, January 4th for a new episode and a whole new year of JAVILAND. Thanks to everyone who listens to the show, I really do appreciate it, and I hope it gives value (entertainment or educational) to everyone. Thanks also to my fellow artists who call in, and special thanks to Ted "Don't-call-me-cohost" Seko for co-hosting every episode with me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Episode 7 now available: PODCAST SUPER SUMMIT

The PODCAST SUPER SUMMIT held on Sunday, Dec. 7 was quite the fun adventure. The episode is now available for your listening pleasure with the player on the right, or through my Talkshoe.Com page.

I want to thank my guest callers, and fellow podcasters/cartoonists, KEVIN CROSS, MARK RUDOLPH & JERZY DROZD, and KRISHNA SADASIVAM. Also joining us on the call has been my 'co-host/perennial caller on JAVILAND, TED SEKO! All these folks have inspired me with their own podcasts, and with the quality of craftsmanship they bring to their own comics work.

We actually went a full 2 hours! Topics ranged from how we see our role as hosts, to what we get out of podcasting. The five of us have never actually met as a group, but we're all fans of one another's podcasts. We get along surprisingly well, which speaks to the community aspect of these podcasts.

Among our guests in the chatroom were The Real Juny, LargoPredator, Mark California and Terran. Thanks to everyone who participated...and looking forward to the next Summit!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Podcast Super Summit starts tonight!

Tonight's episode of JAVILAND will be hosting a Podcast Super Summit! I've invited the hosts of three other comics podcasts to come on JAVILAND and join in a roundtable discussion. These are podcasts that I've been listening to for the last several months, and I find the topics and conversations held there to be extremely enlightening and beneficial to my own approach to making comics. Each of the hosts of the shows are actually comics creators themselves, so they can approach the subjects with a keen understanding.

My guests tonight are:
JERZY DROZD & MARK RUDLOPH, hosts of ART & STORY: This podcast has almost 70 episodes under it's belt, and I've heard about 96% of them! Mark and Jerzy will discuss an aspect of making comics, such as Character Building or working outside one's comfort zone, and bounce the idea back and forth for the podcast. This show really gets down to the nuts and bolts of storytelling.

KRISHNA SADASIVAM, host of SEQUENTIAL ARTISTS'S PUB: Krishna's show offers a true roundtable discussion. He's a web cartoonist, and his the callers on his show are a mix of print and web cartoonists. There will be about two topics per episode, and Krishna keeps the show moving by asking everyone to share in the topic. This is a virtual version of hanging out with other cartoonists after a convention at the hotel bar talking shop!

KEVIN CROSS, host of MINI-COMICS DUMPTRUCK: Kevin started a Mini-Comics club where participating cartoonists agree to produce a mini-comic, and send finished copies to the other cartoonists in the group. I myself have joined the club, and in fact am in the middle of my mini-comic! Kevin's podcast is an ongoing discussion between the Dumptruckers on their process for creating their comics, as well as discussing specific topics such as getting your mini distributed to stores.

If you would like to participate in tonight's podcast, you can join the chatroom and interact by typing in questions or comments. JAVILAND is hosted on, and they have a great interface you can use. Just go to my page at TalkShoe, and either create a profile and register, or just click the Join As Guest button once the show starts.

Podcast will start at 6pm (PT)/ 9pm (ET). Otherwise you can download the episode later this evening via either my page at iTunes or with the TalkShoe Player located at the top right.

Thanks for listening!