Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JAVILAND Episode 38: Art shows for galleries and other venues

Exhibiting artwork in galleries and other venues allows you to expose your work to different audiences beyond your comic book readership. Besides the exposure, you've also got the opportunity to sell the work as well as meet other artists and like-minded people that can lead to further opportunities. I've been involved in group shows, as well as solo shows, both as a participant and an organizer, and they've always been rewarding experiences for me on various levels.

Here's a photo that I mentioned on the show, so I'm sharing it here with you now:
Back in October 2004, I had a solo art show at the Froden Gallery in Los Angeles. We were in the process of putting together the EL MUERTO film and had just signed Wilmer Valderrama (THAT 70s SHOW) in the lead role. Wilmer came to the Opening Reception, with his date, Lindsay Lohan. It's the first time I met him, and his appearance at the event brought some extra buzz to the show. He even bought a couple of my original pieces. This photo was actually taken by our director, Brian Cox. Brian would shoot us again some 5 months later when I filmed my cameo scene in the movie with Wilmer.

On this episode we talk about the various issues related to displaying artwork in a gallery, particularly the commissions that galleries often ask for. We share our various experiences in appearing in art shows, and the different situations that come up. The exhibit is a two-way partnership, the artists and the host both have to work together to maximize the event, at least that's what we find to be the case. We discuss strategies to get the most bang for your buck, and we also discuss a few of the 'downsides' of art shows.

I'm joined, for the first time on JAVILAND, by Joseph 'Chogrin' Games, illustrator and President of the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. Joseph and his group will be exhibiting in The G3 Show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles on September 3. Also joining us on this episode is web cartoonist Ryan Dow of LI'L BUDDHA fame. Ryan was recently in a group show called Lutefisk Sushi D in Minneapolis. 

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