Sunday, December 21, 2008

JAVILAND Episode 8: 2008 Comic Book Christmas Show

The 2008 JAVILAND Christmas podcast was a mix of creator roundtable discussion and geeky talk about toys! In other words, a perfect podcast! Listen to the episode with the player on the right, or access the JAVILAND page at TALKSHOW.COM.

The roundtable consisted of Mark Rudolph of CV Comics, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies, Kevin Cross of Mini Comics Dumptruck, and regular caller Ted Seko of Xomix Comix! Joining us in the chatroom were markCalifornia, DungeonWarden and Kaiki. Thanks to the chatters!

We talked about our approaches to our art in the past year, and what we plan to do for 2009. Some of the discussion touched base on not being carried by Diamond Comics Distribution (and not letting that be an issue), remaining indestructible as an indie creator, and how we manage our time between creating our comics, podcasting and maintaining a web presence.

The show ended with a talk about our favorite Christmastime comics and toy memories! Lots of talk about The Six Million Dollar Man, Mego action figures, and how storytelling with action figures turned us all into comic creators!

This show wraps up JAVILAND for the year. But I'll be back on Sunday, January 4th for a new episode and a whole new year of JAVILAND. Thanks to everyone who listens to the show, I really do appreciate it, and I hope it gives value (entertainment or educational) to everyone. Thanks also to my fellow artists who call in, and special thanks to Ted "Don't-call-me-cohost" Seko for co-hosting every episode with me!

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