Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Episode 7 now available: PODCAST SUPER SUMMIT

The PODCAST SUPER SUMMIT held on Sunday, Dec. 7 was quite the fun adventure. The episode is now available for your listening pleasure with the player on the right, or through my Talkshoe.Com page.

I want to thank my guest callers, and fellow podcasters/cartoonists, KEVIN CROSS, MARK RUDOLPH & JERZY DROZD, and KRISHNA SADASIVAM. Also joining us on the call has been my 'co-host/perennial caller on JAVILAND, TED SEKO! All these folks have inspired me with their own podcasts, and with the quality of craftsmanship they bring to their own comics work.

We actually went a full 2 hours! Topics ranged from how we see our role as hosts, to what we get out of podcasting. The five of us have never actually met as a group, but we're all fans of one another's podcasts. We get along surprisingly well, which speaks to the community aspect of these podcasts.

Among our guests in the chatroom were The Real Juny, LargoPredator, Mark California and Terran. Thanks to everyone who participated...and looking forward to the next Summit!

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