Sunday, January 4, 2009

JAVILAND Episode 9: Ideas!

Our first show of 2009 was off to a great start. Our topic was "Ideas: How we get them and how do they shape our work" (or something like that!). I was curious to hear from other creators as to how they get their ideas. Ideas can be starting points for stories, leading to other ideas, or the idea can be so strong and complete that it provides a solid blueprint for the finished comic.

There is never a wrong or right answer for these topics (I feel), but what you get are insights into other artit's creative process. It's interesting to hear other people with similar procedures for creating ideas, even though their work is very different from your own.

Joining me on the call was regular caller Ted Seko, Mark Rudolph, Ryan Dow, and Kevin Cross.

We had some great input from our chat room participants. Apologies if I've neglected to mention someone! markCalifornia, Matt Munn, Dungeon Warden, Kevin Decker, Argonsassistant and Kaiki. Thanks to them for taking the time to participate.

You can listen to the episode with the Talkshoe player on the right, access it via the Talkshoe page. Once you're at the Talkshoe page, find the iTunes icon, click on it and get every episode delivered to your iTunes library as they're posted.

Hopefully the Javiland podcasts can provide some beneficial insights to you the listener, particularly if you're interested in storytelling via comics. I enjoy listening to several podcasts myself, as I always gleam inspiritional insights. The shows I follow, and strongly recommend are Jerzy Drozd & Mark Rudolph's ART & STORY podcasts, Kevin Cross's MINI COMICS DUMPTRUCK and the SEQUENTIAL ARTISTS PUB hosted by Krishna Sadasivam. I've only been listening to these show last year, but I have to say that I've been able to form some friendly ties with the hosts of those podcasts. They're all cartoonists in their own right, and while we all do very different work ,we have some common interests and approaches to our work.

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