Tuesday, January 26, 2010

JAVILAND Episode 32: "Making Web Comics: The DOs and DONT'S"

This episode we put our focus on web comics. Something I personally have had little experience in, aside from two of my comics that I've put on WebComics Nation. But I've been asked to do an episode on web comics, and I thought I had just as much to learn as any listening to the show, so I put together a pretty good panel of web cartoonists who shared lots of valuable info on the ins and outs, the do's and dont's of online comics!

Joining us on the call for the first time on JAVILAND were Jules Rivera of MARSH ROCKET and Jimmy Aquino of THE PALACE. (Jimmy, by the way, is also the host of the internet radio show A FISTFUL OF SOUNDTRACKS, one of my favorite radio shows to listen to when I'm drawing.)

Our other callers included: Tyler James, Ryan Dow, Krishna Sadasivam and Peter Palmiotti.

This may be the most callers I've had on one show at the same time. But the good thing is the experience they each brought as web comic creators really added a lot of valuable content to the show. Issues we talked about included:

-Having as much of your comic done before beginning to release it online
-Creating a reasonable schedule that allows you to maintain consistent quality in your work
-Maintaining a fixed schedule for the updating of your webcomic (same day every week, for example)

One interesting news item we heard on the show was from Ryan Dow. He had just won the BEST WEB COMIC for the 2009 SPACE Prize! Congratulations to Ryan. I've been reading his web comic for about a year or so, and it's always nice to read his personal, reflective comic. It really captures his voice.

To listen to the Episode 32, use the player located on the right or just click here to go to my page at Talkshoe.

Thanks to all in the chatroom, the callers, and of course the people who listen to the show!