Sunday, September 26, 2010

JAVILAND Episode 40: Solo episode with Javier Hernandez, new format, new music!

JAVILAND turns 40! 

To celebrate, we've got a brand-new spiffy opening musical intro (and outro).  This episode is actually a solo episode, the first in the show's history! Just me and a whole lot of "Ah"s and "Um"s. Actually, for the first time ever I took some digital scissors to this episode and snipped and cut and nipped and tucked! Little bit of editing goes a long way.

Basically I used this episode to function both as a look back on how and why I chose to become a self-published cartoonist, and also a 'jumping on point' for new listeners. It's a look back on why I love publishing my own comics, and a look into the future of the show.

What I'll be doing for the upcoming shows will be to have one-on-one discussion with a creator, very similar to the way Episode #39 (Mike Kitchen) was done. I'll have a topic or two to use as starting points, then me and the guest will discuss our personal viewpoints and share our own experiences about it. Basically our content will continue to focus on comic book self-publishing, and also with any and all topics related to the creative process and finding ways to get our ideas out there.

Thanks to Jim Lujan for the help with learning about Garage Band and editing and upping my Tech game! Also thanks to Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd of the Art & Story podcast for sending me the catchy tune that I'm now using as the JAVILAND theme song. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to an error on my part, the original, unedited version of episode #40 went out last week. If you downloaded that one, please delete it! The new, edited version, with the musical intro/outro, and a more streamlined version of the podcast, has now been uploaded via Talkshoe. 

If you downloaded the old one via iTunes (Time: 1:05:41, Release date: 9/17/10) , please delete it. To listen to the edited, 'official' version (EPISODE 40- JAVILAND 'Relaunch! 40th Ep Anniversay, new format!') please go to my TalkShoe page and download the episode there. And it's less than 57 minutes long! Also, if you haven't yet, please subscribe to us via iTunes so you can get every episode as they're released. You can subscribe to us from our TalkShoe page or go to your iTunes store, search JAVILAND, and subscribe from there.

Thanks to everyone whose followed the podcast, and to the numerous creative individuals who've called into the show to help me discuss the various topics. I really do enjoy talking with others about these topics, and my goal continues to be to provide some helpful, informative ideas, delivered in a casual, conversational manner.

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