Monday, September 13, 2010

JAVILAND Episode 39: Self-publishing with Ultraist Studios cartoonist Mike Kitchen

For this JAVILAND we try something a little different. It's a one-on-one discussion with Mike Kitchen, the creator of SPY GUY. Mike publishes his comics through his imprint Ultraist Studios. I first heard of him through his brother, Blair, who creates his owncomic, THE POSSUM, through his own imprint Possum Press. (Over at my blog JAVZILLA, I reviewed the POSSUM three years ago.)
 Mike and I start our discussion talking about the recent address given by writer Mark Waid concerning copyright and downloaded comics. From there we cover a range of topics about spreading one's work across they internet, how to capitalize on the idea of 'giving it away for free', taking full control of one's self-publishing career by literally becoming 'your own media', as well as the reasons to exhibit at comic book conventions.

Mike puts a lot of thought into the whole idea behind being a self-sufficient artist. Creating his stories, and getting those stories into people's hands, is driven by his desire to do things his own way, and working hard in accomplishing his goals.

One of my favorite things the Kitchen Bros. do is compile together some great little films of their various convention appearances. Here's PART 1 of the WONDERCON 2010 video. That's actually where I first got to finally meet Mike and Blair. There's historic footage of me at their tables, followed by Sergio Aragones drawing a picture for Blair.

During the interview Mike mentions briefly about the time he and Blair were flown in from Canada to Hollywood for their appearance in THE SUPERHERO MOVIE. There are some great pics at his blog showing some of the scenes they're in.

One last thing: I mention in the interview that a few years back on another comic book podcast I used to host, Blair Kitchen was one of my guests. Well, I dug around the internet and found that interview. Give it a listen after wards as well: BLAIR KITCHEN inteview.

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Blair Kitchen said...

Best ending to a podcast ever. Javier, I was hoping that you wouldn't figure out how to stop Talkshoe, and we would have to listen to you watch cartoons and brush your teeth as you get ready for bed (or whatever it is you "life in the fast lane" cartoonists do).

We'll have to take that 1 hour drive to a convention someday. Maybe a Toronto one!


Javier Hernandez said...

Usually after a podcast I have my pilot land my private jet I fly around in while recording. Then the limo picks me up and I go to several Hollywood parties. Then it's back to the art studio for several hours of cartooning.

THEN I brush my teeth and get to bed by 8 AM.

I have a very, very tough life, Blair. Don't tease.....