Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JAVILAND Episode 34: Talking about Mentors

 "Mentors: Do you have one and do you need one?" was the topic for this episode. I actually got the idea for this by a Twitter exchange between two artists, one wishing that he had one, and another responding that he was fortunate enough to have studied under a mentor.

I myself never had a formal mentor/apprentice relationship, but I have learned from others with more experience and knowledge than I had in a particular field. I'm joined by the following artists on the call: Krishna Sadasivam, Luis Escobar and Ryan Dow.

Luis speaks of his experience with a mentor, and the positive benefits he derived from the experience. Krishna is actually an instructor at the Art Institute of Tampa, and has a perspective from a teaching point of view, but also as an artist still striving to learn and grow. Ryan and I talk a bit about what type of mentorship a self-published cartoonist might benefit from.

Among the artist we mention on this blog are Raul Aguirre and self-publishing pioneer Dave Sim, creator of CEREBUS (whose weekly web cast, CEREBUS TV, has provided lots of useful advice to me personally).

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