Tuesday, September 29, 2009

JAVILAND Episode 25: The Secrets of Self-Publishing PT. 2

This is Part 2 of the "DIY Comics: The Secrets of Self-Publishing" podcast. Pt. 1 can be found on Episode 24.

Here's what we discussed:

#3: CREATE THE STORIES YOU WANT TO TELL, NOT WHAT YOU THINK PEOPLE WANT TO READ: If you try to get ahead of some type of particular trend in comics, how long will that trend last? Is your heart behind that type of story? If you tell the exact story you want to tell, your own voice will shine through. And if people like the work you produce, they'll look at you for your unique ways of telling stories, regardless of whatever genre you tackle.

#4: DON'T CREATE IN A VACUUM: This one is, I believe, very particular to those of us who publish our own books. Even before you sit down and draw your comic, how is it going to be published? In print, or on the web? Your page format, and digital files, must be taken into account. Do you have money to print your book once it's ready? Can you build your own website, or can you afford to have someone build it for you? What are your goals? Lots of questions relating to marketing and distribution should be asked at this stage. We tackle a few on the podcast.

Joining me on the Call were : Ted Seko and Ryan Dow. The chatroom was populated by: Matt Nastos, MarkCalifornia, Tim Fischer, Wet Ink Studios, Dungeon Warden. TreComics

Ryan Dow shared this link with us: How To Be Creative, a manifesto by Hugh MacLeod on being creative. I found it very insightful and practial, and an entertaining read as well.

I've recently taught my first seminar of "DIY Comics: The Secrets of Self-Publishing" at a local comic shop, and in fact have been invited to the Portland Comic Book Show on November 15 to teach the workshop there as well. My hope is to be able to reach more people with this, as a way of inspiring them to make their own comics. I'm planning on creating a "DIY COMICS" book as well, filled with anecdotes, comics and the 'Secrets' on self-publishing.

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