Monday, July 13, 2009

JAVILAND Episode 21: Your approach to All-Ages comics

This episode turned out to be another vigorous discussion! Our topic was 'All-Ages comics', and how we approach making comics that we feel would be appropriate for a wider audience. There's plenty of discussion on what exactly 'All-Ages' means, and how other comics, or movies, have achieved that wider audience, where there's something for 'everyone'. Also on the table was a discussion about the reasons one may choose to reach an All-Ages audience, and what the pitfalls for DIY/Indie comics could be.

Joining me on the Call were: Ted Seko, Ryan Dow, Argonsassistant, Dan Burke, Jim Lujan, Eric M. Esquivel and Dave Baker. The chatroom was populated by: SgrSickness, Gonzalexx, Dungeon Warden, MarkCalifornia, Tim Fischer, Jerzy Drozd, Steve Romo and believe it or not, a person named Satan!

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Charlie said...

Thanks for posting show notes again Javi. Great content, I hope to join in sometime.

FLAMEAPE said...

please please please- stop crackling paper, tapping keys, thudding banging and so on. Recorded by raspy headset mics, these sounds are very distracting and it really gets in the way of your great show.

Otherwise, I am very impressed by the guests and your ideas. I am going to subscribe and listen each episode- I hope to listen live next time.