Sunday, November 23, 2008

JAVILAND Episode 6: Comic Book Convention Survival Guide

This episode focused on comic book conventions: why exhibit?/How to find the right show for your comic/What to expect/etc.

I was joined on the show by regular caller Ted Seko, as well as Kevin Cross. Also joining us for the first time on the show was Krishna Sadasivam, which was a very welcome surprise. I pointed out the recent episode of the Art & Story podcast, Episode #65: The Big Detroit, as a great example of analyzing a weekend convention appearance. Art & Story is hosted by cartoonists Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd.

I've been exhibiting at conventions myself for 10 years now, so I was glad to have a chance to share many of my experiences about the ups, and downs, of these shows. Krishna, whose been producing a succesful web comic for 10 years, hasn't exhibited at shows, so he had some good questions that helped drive the conversation.

My main mantra on doing comic shows is that they are (or should be looked at as) fun and exciting experiences. Of course they function as venues for one to network and promote, meet fans and make some money selling our products. But if you go in with the idea of making the event as positive an experience as possible, you will look at the results beyond just how much money you made.

Joining us in the chatroom were Steve Romo, Terran, Vertigo X, Tim Fischer and Frumph. You can listen to the episode using the Talkshow.Com player on the right (click on Past Episodes line) or go to JAVILAND page at Talkshoe.Com.

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